Madilyn Avo

Age: Retired
 Hometown: Philadelphia western suburbs

I'm married and my wife has been aware of my cross dressing since our honeymoon, 40 plus years ago. I am out only to her. Her level of support runs from asking me to dress, buying me clothes, shoes and makeup, to let's just not talk about it now. I try to dress a few times per week and love to cam on a few sites as well as on Yahoo Messenger. Dressing for me started at about 5, got into my mothers closet, loved the silky feel of her clothes, tried on high heels and I was hooked. By about 10 I was fairly adept at using makeup. Still love to play with it and the varied looks one can achieve.  To date I have not been out to any of the Philadelphia area CD meet ups. For domestic tranquility sake, as my wife is very concerned about our secret.  However, It is my desire to go out and especially find a friend nearby to share.